Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After watching the video on the Spanish gentleman who truly made his jewelry by hand, every step of the way...I have to change my "100% handmade" label to something with some sort of disclaimer like, Entirely made by hand from prepared materials.  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it?
I'll have to work on it... ;)

I am behind on my Thing A Week project, so this is my entry number 7.  
Little sterling clouds with hand crafted chain and fine silver patterned rain drops, highlighted with turquoise rounds.

Rain is an interesting thing.  Depending on where you live, rain can be very different.  It may be something that you have never thought of before. 

Growing up in a very dry climate, we got very little rain.  Most of our precipitation was from snowfall in the surrounding mountains in the winter.

When it did rain though, big fat rain drops would fall from the sky.  Slowly making their way to the dusty earth, they would fall and land with a splatter.  

When it rained I loved to be outside, feeling the drops landing on my face.  Breathing deeply the smell of the rain.  It really was a rare treat.  

The rain storms, if you could call them that, would never last long.  Leaving as quickly as they came.  The sun coming out and quickly drying out anywhere the rain had touched, and leaving behind a rainbow. 

When I moved to Texas, I first lived in Houston.  I'll never forget the first rain storm I experienced.  The rain came pouring from the sky in sheets.  And would last for hours...often times flooding areas all around the city.

I remember being afraid.  I had never seen such rain before.  

After living in Texas for 18 years, I am quite comfortable with rain pouring forth from the sky in sheets, but I will never forget the big fat drops of rain that fell from the sky over North East Nevada.


  1. Oh Amy, these are exquisite! And I see already going to someone! If I wore earrings any more I'd be requesting a custom pair. I'm envisioning a Raindrops necklace. :)

  2. Thanks ladies! Kim, you've inspired me! :)