Sunday, March 20, 2011

THAW52-9 Confetti Earrings

 I had a few hours to myself yesterday and decided to finally enamel some pieces that I had made probably about 3 weeks ago.  It is amazing the stuff you find when you clean your work space!
 When I cut these pieces for these earrings, I was trying to think of ways to add texture and/or movement to the metal that would still be visible after the enameling process was complete.   

I discovered this by accident.  I was bored one day sitting at my bench and just started cutting into a scrap piece and happily discovered that I liked the look of the metal as it bent on it's own into a nice little ruffle.
And the color?  Another happy experiment.  It is a gorgeous color that I am calling ultra teal.  Too green to be blue, and too blue to be green. If that makes sense...
Deep saturated color.  Exactly the type of color I wanted to achieve when I decided to start enameling. 

There are so many layers of enamel on these earrings, front and back, that I lost count.  Richly enameled rounds of copper on sterling silver ear wires.  Hand made and tumble polished for shine and strength.  The total length of these beauties is just a smidge over 2".  They are 1" at the widest point, and a medium weight earring.  $ 52 including shipping.  Contact me via my email address if you are interested in purchasing!