Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facebook Fan Promotion!

In an effort to have continuity in my branding, I have opened a new Facebook fan page!

Eventually I'll be using my Ruby Mountain Beads page just for promotions for whatever I decide to do with that shop.  

To keep up with announcements for sales, promotions, and new work
come "like" my page!


Thank you to all who have already liked my new page.  I appreciate you all more than you'll ever know.

I was thinking that maybe a little incentive might be in order.

And what is a better incentive than Jewelry?!!! 

I have 205 fans on my Ruby Mountain Beads page, and I'd be thrilled if I could get that many on my new page.  

Is a $ 40 gift certificate to my NEW store!
a good incentive?

I hope so.  

So here's the deal....When I reach 205 fans on my new page, I'll have a random drawing for the $ 40 gift certificate. 

Sound good?


Will you help me spread the word by hitting the "share" button that is on the left hand side column on my facebook page?

It will post to your wall after you confirm you want to share my page.
Then, hopefully your friends will also "like" my page.

And the more people that "like" my page, the faster we'll get to 205, and the sooner I'll have the drawing for the gift certificate!!!!

Thanks for helping my out!  You guys are the best!  :)


  1. Great idea...good luck with the promotion.

  2. Congrats to the new fan page! I will have to "like" it tonight. Can't access facebook from this computer :o( Mine is sadly neglected! A giveaway is a great idea to get the word out though! Good luck!