Monday, March 7, 2011

Lorena Angulo

1/52 RAW 2011
This is it right here.  This is the first photo I ever saw of Lorena's work.  This is the piece that reached out and grabbed my attention the first week of the RAW challenge.  
3/52 RAW 2011
Lorena Angulo is a master artisan and loves to work with clays.  In the short time I have been following her work, I have seen her work with precious metal clay, bronze clay, paper clay...
11/52 RAW 2011
Paper Clay!!!

I think it only took me a couple of weeks into the RAW challenge to start stalking Lorena in earnest.  I followed her Flickr, blog, facebook.  I checked out all of her work on flickr.
And let me tell you something.  Lorena is not only extremely talented, she is beautiful, gracious, friendly, encouraging, and just an all around wonderful person.
4/52 RAW 2011
She has opened up my mind to what can be done with clay.  Any clay really.
And she teaches classes!  And she lives about 5 hours away from me.  Someday...I may be lucky enough to take one of her classes.  You must check out her work!
Lorena Angulo


  1. Thank You Amy !!! I am overwhelm by your wonderful words. Happy to have find you and your beautiful work too !!

  2. Lorena's work is amazing, and I am happy to count her as a friend; she is an absolute sweetheart. :)

  3. Go Lorena! she is awesome! lovely post ♥