Monday, March 21, 2011

What is Big Cartel?

Big Cartel is a site that hosts shopping carts for artists.
and....that's about all I know right now!  Ha!

That, and a years worth of fees at Big Cartel will be equal, or even less than one month of fees on Etsy.  
I guess that was my biggest motivating factor. 

Big Cartel isn't an online marketplace in the way that Etsy, or ArtFire is.  From what I understand, most of the traffic that will hit your Big Cartel store is generated by the store owner.  

I've never been one of these people who hate Etsy for the changes they make, or the people they choose to promote on their front page, emails, featured sellers, etc..
I've always been grateful for the opportunity I have received there, and I will continue to maintain my store on Etsy.

The thing I am hoping to get out of Big Cartel, is a place for my regular repeat customers to make their purchases.  And slowly but surely continue to build my clientele and refer them to my Big Cartel store.

I am horrible about doing my paperwork monthly like I should.  

Finishing up my taxes for 2010, and actually seeing where my dollars are going was quite a slap in the face.

Everyone is struggling in this economy.  I know that jewelry is a luxury item.  I just don't want to increase my prices and punish my customers, especially the ones who support me on a regular basis. 

I am hoping that the Big Cartel store will be good for me and my customers.  

It will be a learning process through my first couple of sales on there, and I will let you know exactly how the checkout process works and all that. 

I'm still playing around with my layout.  I'm craving a change in my banner, so hopefully I'll be able to work on that this week. 

There is only one item in there right now, but here is the address:

And...I decided to make a new Face Book page for Amy Nicole Artisan Jewelry.  I figure I better get some continuity in my branding.  So, please come "like" my new Face Book page. 
I haven't really worked out the details in my head yet, but I'm thinking I'll do a give a way to promote my new store, and my new FB page!  


  1. i have a big cartel shop- I really like it. but you are right- it is quite different than Etsy. But I maintain both shops and it has been beneficial. if you have questions or wanna talk about it, feel free to email me! :)

  2. good luck with the new venture! and i am curious to know how it works out.

  3. I think everything looks great! I really love the grey with turquoise color palette of your big cartel store too. It's quite striking with your work. Happy learning, and I hope all goes well with it. Can't wait to hear more down the road.

  4. Thanks so much for the support! And Lorelei...I just may take you up on that! :)