Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Botanical inspirations...

If there were anywhere in the world I could be right now, it would be the San Diego Zoo.
We went last November around Thanksgiving time and met my parents, niece, sister and a friend of hers. 
We were staying closer to Anaheim, and it was about an hour and a half drive to get there.  We got a late start that day, and didn't get to spend quite as long as we wanted to there.  But we were still there long enough for me to fall in love....
I was feeling nostalgic for California this morning.  The beach first on my mind followed closely by the San Diego Zoo.
I have a ton of pictures so decided just to share some botanical favorites.  The zoo is also a first class botanical garden with species of plants from all over the world.
It was amazing there.  Just green everywhere.  The settings were all so natural for the animals, and the botanics so gorgeous that it was very easy to pretend that you were not in the middle of a large city.  
Some areas so thickly covered with green that much of the sunlight was blocked out.  I could have gotten lost there...
When I say "lost", I mean just me.  
Utterly alone with my thoughts. 
Just soaking it all in.
Losing every other thought about any other thing. 
And the ferns!  What would California be without the ferns?  
I would so much rather be there than here doing taxes.

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