Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Post earrings....

10mm black onyx

6mm blue chalcedony

6mm sunstone

4mm lab ruby

4mm carnelian

4mm iolite

I cleaned the first layer of junk on my bench and found my sterling ear posts and butterfly clutches.

I figured I better do something with them before they disappear into the abyss again!  :)

I had made a 7th pair too, but wasn't happy with the way the bezel looked after they were set.
They were the 4mm lab rubies.  Instead of taking them apart, I gave them to my (almost) 6 year old.

She has been known to lose earrings, so if she loses these it won't be that big of a deal.  And they look so cute on her!
They really are a nice size.  Sweet and petite.

She saw the other pairs and told me that she hopes they don't sell.

Ha!  She wants them for herself....silly girl.

It is cold and rainy here today.  We really need the rain, so I'm not going to complain...but I could do without the accompanying cold.

My owl loving Isabella is turning 9 tomorrow.  Last night I finished up a pendant I made out of pmc for her.  She chose some beads this morning, and told me exactly how she wants the necklace to look.  I may have a jewelry designer on my hands! ;)

I've not made that many things using PMC, and a lot of what I make is still a learning process.  The perfectionist in me is only about 80% happy with the owl pendant, but I have learned from making it.

The problem with that, is that these days my memory isn't so great, so I hope I remember what I've learned!

Making the owl pendant commits me to making a pendant for Adriana for her birthday too.  She is a panda lover, so a panda it will be.  I told her that I'll probably only do a panda head.  I don't know that I can pull off the body too.  I'll try a different approach with it than I did with the owl.  My latest supply order is on it's way, and I decided to get the biggest bunch of pmc I've ever ordered at once.  I really do enjoy working with it, and seeing what it can do.

The price of silver made me choose between ordering more sheet and the pmc.  I went with the pmc!

Well that's it for now my friends. I am off to pick up the girls from school.  Then it's piano lessons, and errands to run.  And then there's the cleaning that needs to be done.  I keep waiting for someone else to do it, but nope.  It's always there waiting for me!  :)


  1. Wow, busy you! I'm sure the pendants will turn out great! We are our own worst critics. Love the post earrings too- that's totally my style!

  2. I am with Nancy, I am sure that you will turn out great pendants and the girls will cherish them!! I am considering more PMC again too...it was fun to play with. I haven't ordered sheet in a while...scared that I have to soon :( Enjoy creating with the new batch of clay :)

  3. I agree with Nancy, we are always our own harshest critic! These earrings are gorgeous :-) Perfect for every day!

    I have a small packet of PMC that I haven't touched yet...I'll get around to using it one of these days! I hope you'll post photos of your darling Isabella wearing her beautiful new owl necklace :-) And I can't wait to see what you do with that huge order of PMC!