Friday, February 25, 2011


With this ring I am officially on track with my Ring a Week project.

Let me tell you about this ring.  

Named:  Storm Clouds over the Mojave

A beautiful piece of crazy lace agate with reds, orange, variations of gray from charcoal to almost white. Cut by Jim Carrico, husband of my friend and colleague, Sandi of Sassy Glass Jewelry .
I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to work with this stone.  
It is beautifully cut.  Stones cut this well are truly a pleasure to work with.

This stunning stone didn't need anything fancy.  Set simply in fine and sterling silver, she measures a US size 8.25, but because of the wide band it fits more like a 7.75.

To be listed in the shop soon.


  1. Wow, the ring turned out awesome; love that stone :-) and the wide band. Thanks for mentioning me and Jim; he said his head was going to swell up so big his hat wouldn't go on. Actually, I am posting some new items on my blog and one of the pieces is the necklace I made with the other cab of crazy lace. I wanted to show the ring you made with the other piece (I saw it in your shop)....I hadn't read your blog yet. Hope you don't mind but I hijacked one of your pictures to post on my blog. Thank you Amy.

  2. I read this after I saw your blog. I got a little confused for a split second when I saw my ring on your blog, and then it made sense... You outdid me with your crazy lace! I bet it sells quickly.