Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Necklace -Redux

Look familiar? ;)

A couple of weeks ago I was elated to get an Etsy convo asking me to reserve this necklace.  I was so excited I didn't really notice that I wasn't given a time frame on payment.

After about a week without payment, or hearing anything...I contacted the potential customer.  And after a few days of not hearing back I made the decision to remove the reserve.

This is my first experience with something like this, and I guess you can say I learned a lesson.  Not so much about losing the sale, but about losing a potential client because now that person will probably never come back.....

Anyway....This morning we are "snowed in" again.  Schools are closed and right now I am in my studio listening to the bitter winds blowing furiously.  My crazy kids and husband left the house all bundled up to go "play outside", but I won't be surprised to find out that they are in the McDonald's playland sucking down McNuggets while the girls play.  

But I digress...

I decided to re-take the pictures.  I never really was happy with the first set I took.  Coincidentally, the day before I was contacted to reserve it, I had decide that my bezel needed some more finishing.  So I had the bezel looking all smooth and sweet and had planned to take new pics anyway.

So, here I am two weeks later with the new pics.  I'm off to change the pics out in the Etsy listing.  And yes, she is eligible for the 20% sale in my shop with coupon code Love2011.  Today is the last day!!!!

Signing off from abnormally and bitterly cold North East Texas....hoping you all stay warm!


  1. I guess I just don't get the reserve thing. I mean if something's in progress and you blog that it's coming soon to the shop that's one thing (was that what happened)? But otherwise, to me, you just buy it or you don't! How annoying for you. I do understand there could have been something that happened to this person, but still, it's odd that they didn't say a date to hold it until. You can't just hold it forever!

    Thanks again, so much for your order. I'm so excited that my little lovely will be put to good use by your money saving daughter:)

  2. She is a beauty the heart cut-outs on the back. Sorry the "reserve" didn't work out. I don't understand why people don't let you know their intentions.

  3. I know. I mean I'd understand. "I changed my mind" or whatever. Oh well, thanks for the support ladies!