Thursday, February 3, 2011


Moon Magic

This is the ring I made this week for RAW.  But, here's the deal....

I'm going to offer it in my shop until Saturday night as a custom sized ring.  That will give my regular customers a chance to claim this ring if they wish.  You can find the listing here.

On Sunday, I'll be needing to finish it so I can post it on the RAW group.  So, if no one claims it by then, I'll just choose a ring size to finish it with.  

Such a magical inner glow this moonstone has!  


  1. Gorgeous! I've had about 6 of these stones for months and just can't find a design to highlight them. You are so creative. This is perfect!

  2. Amy...that is a beauty...wonderful setting for a gorgeous stone.

  3. It's so lovely Amy! You are very talented- every time I check in I'm so taken:)