Thursday, February 10, 2011

The basics of enameling- Step one

Blogging again from Flickr!! (I think I really like this!)

I am getting ready to do another day at the kiln enameling some pieces, and I thought I would document the process in photos.

I think the process is absolutely fascinating. So here we have step one. Saw the shapes out of copper, pierce where the holes go. Saw again.

Fine silver, copper and gold can all be used as the metal base for enameling.

Then comes the refining of the edges by filing and sanding.

I included a pic of my jewelers saw. Which incidentally, I am a little peeved with. After breaking about 6 blades I switched back to my old jewelers saw.

I'm not sure "The Knew Concept" is going to get another chance.....


  1. Thank you for documenting the step by step process. I've just recently become interested in enameling and this will be very helpful as far as what tools, products, etc. that I will need to get started.

  2. Sorry you don't like your took me a little to get used to it but I love it. Jim tells me it is important to make sure you have the nut on the top loose before you put your blade in the 2 holes....then tighten the nut for the tension you want...I wasn't loosening that nut enough. Don't give up on it. Looking forward to the rest of the enameling process.

  3. Crazy, I haven't broken a blade yet on my Knew Concept saw... Sandi is right. Don't give up. It really is so much easier on the wrist.

  4. Wow. That looks very intimidating to me!