Friday, February 18, 2011

My daughter's latest painting...

I really love this one!


  1. Amy! It's so nice to see you again! What a talent your daughters have, really loving that sea turtle. :) I'm looking forward to reading your enameling posts because I've been planning to learn for a while & have scoured for good info. I've seen there are some newer products out there, resins & the like, but I really want to learn more traditional methods. I peeked at your shop, saw your beautiful earrings & think I'll be learning from the right person! Thank you for sharing, and for stopping in to say hi!

  2. Hey Kim! I tried resin, and didn't really like it much. I also wonder how long it will hold up over the long haul. Of course it's easier since you don't have to worry about a kiln or torch. Let me know if I can help. I'm willing to share whatever little I know!

  3. That was my worry with the resin too, and I couldn't find much info about its longevity. I wasn't even sure it has been around long enough to be tested. I for sure have to wait until I can get a digital kiln, but that will give me time for research. Once my kiln is ramped, I have to hop up every couple of minutes to regulate the temp until my pieces are fired! It's still comical now, but fast approaching tedium! I really appreciate your offer & will likely take you up on it - thank you. :)