Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Hot Hearts and Flowers...

I just finished up this necklace last night.  I've had these coral cabs for over a year now, and what better time than Valentine's day to use them?  I recently found the coral carved flowers, and they pair perfectly with the heart!!

They make a great set, but I have them listed separately in the shop.  If you are interested in the set, I'll take 20% off.  Contact me via Etsy convo or email and I'll set up a special listing.

In other news....it snowed today!  The girls were super excited to get a day off from school.  We spent 20 minutes getting ready, and they lasted exactly 10 minutes outside before they were too cold.

I know with mother nature dumping so much snow on the northeast, and all around the country really, we are rather lucky to get the mild winters that we do.  But really, an inch of snow?  The whole metroplex shuts down for an inch of snow?  Texans would be in some serious trouble if they actually had to deal with accumulated snowfall like so much of the rest of the country....
My husband keeps telling me that snow is a big deal here.   You'd think after living in Texas for 18 years that I'd be Texan through and through...but the snow thing always gets me.  Growing up we had snow from October to March.  Now that's snow!  :)


  1. What a beautiful set Amy! Snow really is exciting when you aren't used to getting very much of it. BUT if you are it gets so annoying! Hehe.

    We're somewhere in between here. Seems like this winter has been a big MISS for us though.

  2. Okay, this necklace is all about HAPPY--looks like you had fun, Amy!!!

    ENJOY your snow--we're stretching for a high temperature of -15F today, BUT we're one of the few places NOT getting any new snow. Yippeeeeee!!! We have ENOUGH. :-)

  3. What a beautiful gift this set would make....love it. We have snow today also and it's 14...glad we can stay in and stay warm...you do the same.

  4. You are so talented! I love the necklace!

    My husband is in Dallas doing work and was surprised to hear that if the schools shut down the office shuts down. That's crazy! Nice, but crazy...

  5. Fabulous Work Amy! Perfect Set. As I said on your FB page, I'm more than happy to have your snow and cold weather....it's like I'm walking round in a Sauna Suit over here, it's disgusting.

  6. Amy, So I wasn't the only one up late last night. :) These are gorgeous!!!

    My Hubby is from El Paso Tx, and yes snow is a very BIG thing in Texas. We have lots of pictures of the one snow they had when he was a child.