Thursday, February 24, 2011

Isabella's owl

Not the best pic in the world, I had to use the flash since we are under cloud cover today...

This is Isabella's first time using air dry clay. And of course she made an owl. She loves anything to do with owl, sometimes even referring to herself as an owl. It's the cutest thing. (My youngest feels the same about Pandas)

She has been taking art lessons for 4 years now, which has mainly entailed drawing and painting. (watercolors and acrylics) She told her art teacher she wanted to work with clay and she suggested Isabella start with the air dry clay. I think she was quite successful!

Now that I have the kiln, her teacher and I have talked about her working with low fire clay. Which I would also like to play around with to make my own beads.

Anyway, just wanted to share....


  1. Well you can certainly see that artistry runs in your family...she did a great job.

  2. Aw, awesome job Isabella! How cute that she calls herself an owl, I always used to just call myself George. :) I'd love to see what beads you'd come up with! I made one focal bone with PMC, which was fun but pricey, so I'd also like to try other clays. Your rings are gorgeous, btw, and how you were doing 1/week is beyond me. I adore that labradorite marquis one - the flowers look awesome & I can't wait to see your revised version!