Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enameling Basic-Step 3

I normally have my disposable gloves on at this step, but forgot to put them on for the pics.

This step is important because (from what I've read) enamel doesn't like to stick to dirty metal. Even the oils in your hands can prevent the enamel from adhering properly.

The method I use to get the metal as clean as possible is pumice. I buy it in a powdered form from Rio Grande. I throw a handful in a container, add water until I have a nice runny mud.

I like to use scotch bright pads. I just cut them down into little squares.

Give all the pieces a thorough scrubbing on both sides.  Once they are all scrubbed, rinse thoroughly in water.  A way to test your pieces to make sure they are totally clean is to dip them in water. If the water slides right off, they are clean enough. If the water beads up on the piece, you've got more scrubbing to do.

Be careful after they are scrubbed and clean to keep them that way. I never handle them again without my disposable gloves on.

Next step, sifting and getting ready for the first firing!

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