Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enameling Basics-Step 4 sifting the enamel

Alright, this is where it starts getting fun.

What you don't see in the picture, is that I have set the program on my kiln, and it is starting to heat up to the proper firing temperature. I use medium enamels, so I set it to go no higher than 1410.

While the kiln is heating, I have time to sift the first layer on my pieces.

For me, working with about 6 pieces at a time is perfect. It gives me time to sift layers onto pieces while other pieces are either in the kiln or cooling. Any more pieces than that and I can't get them all completely finished the way I like to once I've started.

So, this is a picture of how I sift the powdered enamel onto the metal.

I start with a spray of Klyr Fire on the metal. I set it down, and sift a thin even layer onto the metal. (Klyr Fire is a liquid adhesive used in enameling. I got mine from Delphi Glass Supply on line. I've heard that Rio also has it's own name brand of the stuff) (( I use it diluted 50/50 with water))

I then slide it off onto the paper to dry. I use pages from old magazines when sifting. The excess enamel slides right back into the container, and I just throw the page away when I'm finished.

Once I have sifted layers of enamel on all my pieces, I pick them up with tweezers and brush the excess enamel off of the back, and make sure my cut open spaces don't have enamel clinging to them.

I then set them carefully on the firing trivet. This is where I will continue tomorrow.


In other news, I am totally behind on RAW this week. And THAW too. Although at least all I have to do for my THAW is to finish it up and take pics.

I haven't even started a ring. It seems that I have been off schedule this whole month. Too many bad weather days, and school closures have wreaked havoc on my regular schedule.

I find that I am a person who doesn't function very well outside of routine. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed that I get back on track this week!

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