Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Some are new and some are not.  If a pair of trifles sell and I still have more beads I make more.

It seems that lately the only thing I've managed to get out consistently every week are trifle earrings.

Have I told you when I make these?  

About once a week I make a bunch of head pins and ear wires, and dump them into my bead box.

In the evenings on the weekends we have family time.  Usually this is us watching a movie, or the girls and husband play video games.  Lately it has been us watching DVD's of Little House on the Prairie.  

And I just can't sit there doing nothing.  I enjoy being with my family, and us all talking back and forth about this or that....but my hands want to be busy.

So I make trifle earrings.  I cart my bead boxes,  (Yes, I said boxes...four of them!) my round nose pliers and wire cutters into the living room and make earrings.  

Now that I've gotten started on the reasons I make trifle earrings, I realize that several purposes are met here.

I think I need a list.  ;)

1.  Making trifles keep my hands busy.

2. Mixing of colors doesn't come naturally to me.  I am exploring the mixture of color and shape with each pair of trifles I make.  

3.  I have a bead addiction.

4.  I love having several pairs of everyday earrings to choose from.  I fool myself into thinking I am put together just because I threw on a pretty pair of earrings!  :)

But, back to number 3.  I have a dozen new packs of beads looking at me right now just waiting to be turned into earrings!  Gotta pay for that addiction....

Have a faboo day everyone!


  1. I love your trifles...they are so bright and cheery and I know what you mean about keeping your hands busy. I used to cart my bead boxes all over the house with me; now I carry sanding and polishing tools with me to stay on top of my silver designs.

  2. I hear ya! It's so hard to sit watching TV without doing anything. I used to think it was just me, that I had a nervous tick or something. But I guess it's really a mixture of work ethic, loving to do it, and just not being able to relax! If I'm not knitting, all I'm thinking about is what I should be doing while I'm supposed to be relaxing. That's the trouble when your job and your hobby meld together!

    Lovely new work though! I don't read that you have trouble with colors through your work. I think your choices are always lovely.