Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Time Keeper's Necklace

Listed in my Etsy shop!

Contrary to my usual MO, I just received this gorgeous cab of Larimar this week and decide to use it right away.  A gorgeous shade of blue with just a whisp of white along one edge.  Inspired by the Victoria era.  I am currently re reading Victoria's Daughters.  And I've also had my Grandmother on my mind.

When she passed away, and I saw her death certificate, I was surprised to find her occupation listed as "time keeper" or something like that.... I had known her only as Grandma, and didn't stop to think she had had a life before her family came along.  She had worked for the railroad, and evidently had something to do with scheduling.  It is a tidbit that has always stuck in my mind and decided to come to the surface today.   This one's for you Grandma.

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