Saturday, May 19, 2012

New work..

 Rose cut faceted Prehnite

 Large sterling silver discs imprinted with a floral pattern

 On bezel ear hooks

 Sterling Silver Sand Dollars with Fresh Water Pearl

 More bezel ear hooks

 Rose cut faceted London Blue Topaz

 Large Sterling Silver discs imprinted and hand stamped with a Cornflower pattern


All these earrings are really special.  I made all the silver components of these earrings out of my scrap sterling.  That my friends is a long drawn out process,  but I find it amazing and utterly fascinating that I can take a pile of metal scraps and turn them into something beautiful. 
It is truly a labor of love.

I also explored a novel way of adding a stone or pearl to a design other than my usual of a bezel setting on the focal.  My Prim & Proper earring I made last month inspired my brain to think of using the small bezel set stone as the ear wire it self.  

I am looking forward to exploring this concept more.  I have a lovely client who has suggested making earrings that can be worn with interchangeable pieces.   This concept would be perfect for that idea.  

I have a fabulous stone supplier whose stones are so gorgeous.  Pricier than most on the market but worth it.  I am never, ever disappointed by these stones.  This time around I worked wit rose cut stones in Prehnite and London Blue Topaz.  

The gorgeous green glow of prehnite is perfect for this time of year.  And London Blue Topaz?  Well, I have long loved this stone but this is my first time working with it!  It is generally pricey, but my is it worth it.  Golly I love these stones.  

All these earrings are special in different ways.  The sand dollars are a companion piece to my Seahorse Necklace

Because this time of year the sea beckons to me.   And I can't help but answer her call.  I'm certain I am not finished with ocean themed jewelry. 

The Prehnite with the flower doily's are so fresh and lively.  They are announcing that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner.

The Cornflower earrings are my especial favorites.  I am utterly captivated by the pattern.  And paired with the London Blue Topaz?  Oh catch me before I swoon!!!!!!!  


I will be taking reserves on these pieces.  If no reserves are taken I will be listing them in my Big Cartel shop in a few days.   Please contact me at with any questions you have about these earrings! 

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  1. The earrings are fabulous Amy...I especially love the sand dollars as well as your sea horse.