Thursday, May 17, 2012

A good mail day

I'm sitting here waiting for my daughter at gymnastics and opening the goodies that came in the mail today.

Feather template. Oh yes. I will be making some feathers!

These were freebies from cool tools! Two bail templates and a texture sheet for metal clay. Freebies are always good!

Stones from Ed at Stones in Motion. I love setting the stones this man makes. They are cut beautifully. Turquoise and Chrysocolla! I am apparently still on a blue green kick...

Two new metal stamps, because you know, you can never have too many metal stamps!

My husband and the mail man have this running joke that it is always Christmas at our house. I can't imagine why! ;-)

Update on the update. I started taking pics too late in the day. I'm not really loving them. I think I'll have to retake pics tomorrow. :-/
Nothing like wasting a couple of hours with not much to show for it. Oh well... at least it was a good mail day right? :-)


  1. I love getting packages in the cleaned up that feather template.

  2. I love your new supplies! I didn't even know that they made those sort of templates! Can I ask where you buy your metal stamps from? I have looked around and all I can find are the kind that people use for the stamped disc jewelry- little babies feet or some other cartoon or picture. I would love to buy design stamps for metal like I have for leather. I am loving all your new stuff by the way! Great job!