Saturday, May 12, 2012

A long time coming.

Three years ago when I began smithing in earnest, a friend told me she had always wanted a wide band ring with initial charms on it. Whoa! I was barely able to solder jumprings at the time! I knew it was something that would have to wait until my skills were such that I could do it justice.

I made the ring portion about a year ago. Then about 3-4 weeks ago my friend told me it was time to add the charms. I could have taken the easy road. There are plenty cast sterling initial charms on the market. And after fabricating these by hand I understand why they are typically cast! But I just love the concept of handmade.

I started with the B because I thought it would be the hardest. It also determined proportion for the other charms.

A F L. Before. 12 gauge square wire.

After! I am so pleased with the way everything came together! And it really is so much fun to wear!


  1. Oh my, love a good personal challenge! Looks like you did an amazing job:)

  2. Go you!! awesome work with the charms!

  3. Thank you ladies! I had fun making them!