Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hammer elbow...

More commonly known as tennis elbow. Only I don't play tennis. Too much metal stamping and swinging that hammer. I'm starting to worry that it will be something I'll always have to deal with. I already have bouts of carpal tunnel syndrome. You guys oughta see me with all my braces on. Not pretty. I looked up proper hammering postures and such. Of course I've been doing it all wrong. It feels like learning all over again, but I really must try to baby my elbow. I also started lifting hand weights to strengthen my muscles and hopefully take pressure off my tendons. Anyone else out there with hammer elbow? What do you do to treat it? So, I spent the day fabricating. Easier on the old elbow. I made a bracelet to enter in the Cool Tools contest. Grand prize is $500. I'm thinking $500 worth of pmc sterling would be sweet!! She's in the tumbler now. I'll share with you tomorrow! <3

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