Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fire it up!

I have one more custom order to complete, and then I'm free to start on some new designs that are aching to come out!  I'm super low on silver sheet though, so while finishing out the custom I'm going to start processing my scrap.  It is a long and boring process, but so satisfying when it's complete!

I am continuing to build affordable pieces for my Etsy shop.  Then I'm going to go back to creating some masterpieces.  It's nice to do both.  And my leather table is in a state of constant use now.  Even my girls are getting into it.  I am trying to concentrate on building inventory through the year so when Fall season show time rolls around I don't feel the need to make a bunch of stuff.  It's kinda weird though too.  I think this may be the most items I've had in my Etsy shop at once.  No wonder I'm out of silver sheet!

Here is a pic of a recently completed custom order.  I really do need to take the time to photograph my stone hoard for customs....ah well.  Someday..

Really pretty and unusually shaped stone.  I've been working more with plain bezels in my last few pieces.  I've been spoiled with the gallery wire I've been using lately.  And it's hard not to stick with it because it is just too easy to set a stone in gallery wire.  I feel that setting a stone in a straight bezel perfectly is a challenge that I want to get better at.  When I took that one metalsmithing class a few years ago, the teacher taught us with a serrated bezel.  He claimed that the average person wouldn't notice if you use serrated or straight bezel wire and that serrated was so much more forgiving, so why not just use it on everything?  :-)

Have a fabulous day all..I'm off to play with fire!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! And I'm glad you've got so much inventory built up!