Thursday, March 1, 2012


Whew!  I barely made it with my contribution to this month's birthstone.  Aquamarine!! 

Aquamarine is Beryl, common, and found all over the world.  References to Aquamarine date back to the beginning of written record.  Sailors carried Aquamarine to aid in safe sea voyages, and there are legends of mermaids with tails of Aquamarine.  It is the birthstone for the month of March as well as the stone for the astrological signs of Pisces and Scorpio.

I have named these sterling silver and Aquamarine earrings Serenity.  The pale blue
is calming.  And I myself am looking to find serenity.

The design is similar to other swing earrings I've made, but a little longer than usual
and loaded up with faceted rondelles of Aquamarine.    And I just love the imprint
on the flower.  If you look closely,  they're little butterflies!  :-)

Next up, I need to make six itty bitty bezels for another pair of Aquamarine earrings!
 Have a happy day all!

Oh!! I almost forgot.  In the back ground you'll see a sprig from our Carolina Jasmine
in the front yard.  Oh... I wish we had smellovision so you could enjoy the sweet,
sweet scent of these beauties!

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  1. I agree- I just kept on and on looking at them, they made me feel very peaceful for a bit!

  2. So nice Amy!! I wish I could hang my beads so neatly like that. Guess I need loads more practice. The Yellow in the background really looks lovely.