Friday, March 16, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

We have family in Henderson, and guess what my Uncle had?

Turquoise cabbed by my Grandpa! And check out the Big Horn Sheep Head.

My Uncle generously let me choose some Turquoise.

Sights around the city:

My favorite thing was the conservatory at the Bellagio. I'll have to wait to until I get home to see how those photos turned out.

Tonight: party of 14 for the joust at Excalibur!


  1. I have family in Henderson, NV too! I was born in Las Vegas and my aunts & uncles are still in Nevada. I grew up in New Mexico and although I live in North Carolina, I am a Southwestern girl at heart & LOVE me some turquoise! Cool cabs! Enjoy your time in Vegas!!

  2. Oooo...exciting! I wonder what you will make with them?