Sunday, March 18, 2012


Oh my gosh you guys! I am so glad to be home in Texas. My daughter summed it up best when she said "I need to breathe some Texas air". I've lived here for 20 years now, and it may be time to say I am truly Texan now. I loved visiting the place of my birth through the age of nearly 19, but I am very happy where I am now and I'm so happy to be home. I slept so good last night that I only remember getting into bed, and then hearing my husband say "it's 10 o'clock you know". Holy crap! I hate coming home to a schedule that's off by 2 hours! Tomorrow morning getting up at 6:30 to resume our normally scheduled program is going to feel like getting up at 4:30. Not fun. ;-) I'll get over it. (with a nap! Ha!)

So I've been home since noon on Saturday, but I haven't even stepped foot in my shop. The girls have been in and out of there, but I haven't gone in there yet. My mess is waiting for me I'm sure....I'll be tackling it first thing tomorrow. Followed by making bunches of earwires to send out into the world....and prepping enamels and pieces to use with said enamels. I've nearly missed enameling before it gets too hot. Truth be told, I'm way late. I should have started in December. When sitting in front of a hot kiln (1450 degrees!) all day feels good. Oh well. I plan to enamel all week. And if I really get into it maybe more. But we shall see. My biggest problem with enameling is lack of patience. It is not something to be rushed. And sometimes I like to rush.

See you soon with wip pics!


  1. So it's been a whirlwind being home! Enjoy getting back into it:)

  2. Sometimes it's fun to go away and sometimes it's sooo good to get back home. It's still really muggy weather here, I can't wait till it cools down ...tired of waiting!