Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ruby Mountain Metal

Did you know that I had another shop on Etsy where I sell Artisan Findings? Well, I have always had intentions of selling Artisan Findings, but all I've really been able to keep in there are earwires. So, I guess a more accurate description of the shop would be Artisan Earwires. :-)

I just added my Etsy mini over there on the right ---------------------------->
I just love handmade earwires, they can be so pretty and to me really complete the handmade look. I'm always surprised to see a gorgeous pair of handmade earrings, and then a commercial earwire. It kinda makes me cringe a little.

Last December I was contacted by a jeweler in Massachusetts that had tried my earwires before and wanted to place an order for 700 pair. In yellow brass. It was quite an undertaking to make that many earwires at once, and I couldn't help but realize that having these earwires made by hand here in the States added to the cost of the finished product when commercial wires could have been used much more inexpensively.

It felt good to contribute to such a large project, it's kinda cool to think of 700 pair of earrings out there with my earwires on them. (:

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