Monday, April 2, 2012


Photo credit: Lorelei Eurto

It's been awhile since I've had a Tip, Trick or Technique to share, but today I have a great one for you!

My girl Lorelei is a master at asymmetrical design.  She has written an e-book sharing all of her tips for asymmetrical design!  I just ordered a copy for myself and can't wait to get it!  My brain is hard wired for symmetry.  Every time I've even attempted asymmetry it just doesn't look right.  Lorelei never fails to amaze me with her design ability.  I'm so glad she is sharing!  :-)


  1. I hope it arrived ok? It is coming via email - be sure to check your spam folder.

  2. I got it! Thank you L. Can't wait to delve deep into it! :-).

  3. Thanks for the tip Amy...I love asymmetrical designs.