Friday, April 27, 2012

All rolled into one...

Blog lovin,  and buying my own Mother's Day gift!

Blog lovin:  Rosy Revolver 

I often read artist interviews where the artist is asked which artist's work they admire, or whose studio would you like to visit.  Among others, Jess from Rosy Revolver would be on my short list.  I have to say that when I discovered Etsy and was making simple beaded pieces, and had just gotten hooked on wire wrapping, I also had a sense of wanting to learn to do more.  I wanted to learn to metalsmith.

I discovered Rosy Revolver before I discovered any of the other top sellers on Etsy.  I was immediately drawn to her design style, the ornate filigree, her ability to constantly churn out a design even better than the last super amazing design.  Her work totally changed the way I saw silver and stone.   Having grown up around silver and stone always in a southwestern style setting,  and then seeing Jess' work it was like a dawning that silver and stone didn't always have to be southwest looking. 

Jess created a style that has spread out like spiders legs all through Etsy.  She made us all think of using components in a way that she was the first to do (that I had seen).   In a way she opened Pandora's box,  because once the genie was out of the bottle there was no putting it back in.  But the thing I admire most is that she has continued to create, always staying miles ahead of anyone else.  She is truly an amazing designer and her craftsmanship is perfection.  Perfection I tell you.  I know because I do consider myself a collector. 

I just bought these last night!  When they arrive I'm handing them to my husband and telling him to give them to me for Mother's Day!  ;-)   At least I know I'm gonna like my gift this year!

Oh!  I added several new pieces to my shop yesterday.  I'll blog about my inspiration for these pieces later.  Right now I have to get to work!   But FYI my 20% off sale ends Monday the 30th.  And if you've been paying attention to my posts here on my blog you'll know there is a coupon code floating around out there as well!  Have a fabulous weekend all!

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  1. I think we all have a shop like that...mine was Rachel Austin. Did you mean to include photos of it?