Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Leather Bracelets!

I shared a work in progress pic with you guys last week of my new hand stamped leather bracelets, and here they are complete!

Yay!  I had so much fun making them.  Each pattern is made up of individual impressions made one at a time and painstakingly laid out.  

Green Tea
 This one was the most time consuming.  A very tight pattern, almost every bit of leather impressed with my stamps!

Mustard Yellow
 The leather took this yellow so beautifully.  I am drawn to this beauty but I don't know if it's the pattern or the color that calls me.  I've been calling her the Yellow Rose of Texas.  :-)

Thistle Purple
 I've been wanting to make some leather bracelets for ages.  And after over thinking it for ages to the point I never even made anything at all, I decided to go with simple.  And what I do best.  Stamping.

Dusty Rose
 Turns out my ever expanding collection of hand made stamps that I use for metal work just as well with leather!  I had a lot of fun building the patterns one impression at a time.  It is quite therapeutic. 

Single bracelet on

Bracelets stacked
These are finished larger than what I would normally wear, but it hasn't stopped me from wearing them all at once around the house.  I love them all stacked together to create sort of a wide cuff silhouette.   They could all be the same color....or different colors.  The possibilities are a little mind boggling!  And..something I noticed... no matter how you put them on,  after wearing them for awhile, all the snaps will end up on the underside of your wrist all in a pretty row.  
I love it! The other thing I over think where bracelets in metal and stone are concerned is how they will end up.  The heaviest part always ends up facing down.  And often times that is the part you want facing up!  The opposite here is true in these.  That makes me happy....

Working with leather is nice.  It's nice to do soft and pliable once in a while.  And there is something about summer that makes me want to wear leather bracelets.   Pretty summery colors for your wrist!
Already listed in my Etsy shop!


  1. Cute! One purple is my favourite! :)

  2. So pretty Amy...I love the colors and they do look great all worn together.

  3. They're awesome Amy! I'm with Majka - purple is my fave too :)