Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Monday

Here we are again, at the beginning of another week!  My how the time flies.  I'm busily working on 5 pairs of earrings which I hope to have completed and listed by Wednesday.  More wagon wheels and hand stamped designs.  This time with beads rather than bezel set stones.  I have so many gorgeous beads, I really need to use them!

I also have a few custom orders I'm working on.  A saddle ring, a two stone necklace, and a charm ring.  I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about custom work.  I really only enjoy it if I'm given full artistic license to make what I want, how I want.  Luckily these all fall into that category.  The hardest part about the two stone necklace though is having to make sketches to send to my cousin who is a fabulous artist.  My drawing is terrible.  I sketch often, daily in fact, but I'm the only one that has to be able to decipher them.   It's one of the reasons I want my daughter who is hooked on ceramics to keep up with her drawing skills.  It would be so valuable to actually be able to draw what it is I plan on making!

Beginning today, my Etsy Fort Worth team is having a Mother's Day sale in participating shops.  Click here to view a list of everyone who is participating in this sale.

I had a rough day yesterday.  Ever have one of those days where you just feel off?  I stubbed my baby toe on my daughter's scooter in the garage.  I didn't notice until later that it was bleeding, and I think I may have half ripped off the toe nail, but I'm too chicken to check closely.  Then I was working in my shop.  I had a drill bit attached to my flex shaft, and the flex shaft handle balanced on my vise, when it fell off and the drill bit gouged my leg.  Ugh.

And I weighed myself at the gym on Saturday. Big mistake.  Well, I guess it's better to know (like I hadn't figure it out already) that I've gained weight.  It's my own fault.  Too much not so good for you food and slacking on workouts.  It was bound to catch up with me sometime.  So I am making a conscious effort to do things that are healthy.  I've busted out the vitamins, the fiber, bought a bunch of good for you food yesterday at Central Market.  I even had spinach with dinner!  :-)   then hubby went to Cinnabon last night we wont' talk about that part 

Well, have a fabulous week everyone!  I'll see you again soon.  

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  1. Ah....those tough days: do something nice for you!!! xoxo A