Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have been conducting experiments of the leather variety trying to come up with a bracelet design that I just love. 

Sample 1:

 This is my first try.  I made it to close at 7 1/2" and 8 1/2".  I had thought that making it versatile would be good, but on second thought I think they should be made as close to the actual wrist size as possible.  I can live with the doubled up section, but I'm not really loving it. 

I have always been particular about my bracelets.  I like them to fit not tight, but not loose. The 7 1/2" closure works perfectly for me. 

I also think the snaps would fit a bit better if the beaded border wasn't there.

Overall, the design is a keeper.  I've been wearing it all day and love it more and more.  I just need to make a few adjustments here and there.  I'm also considering making it more like a bangle bracelet.  I'm thinking I could let it dry on my bracelet mandrel after stamping it, and it should retain the round shape.  We shall see.  More experiments to come.  Give me some feedback please!  What do you all think? 

And..  I finished the rugged little leather butterflies.  I picked these up off of the clearance table when I went to Tandy a couple of weeks ago.  I could not love them more!  These are perfect for summer.  I picture them with sundresses!  :-)

Rugged Butterfly with Turquoise

Snow White & Rose Red ~ Fresh Water Pearl and Ruby

Buttercup ~ Carnelian and Calcite

Bluebell ~ Lapis and Kyanite

These have all fluttered into my Etsy Shop.  And they are included in my 20% off sale.  The prices may not be updated yet.  I am trying out Etsy on Sale, and it is supposed to update my new listings to be included in the sale. 

That's it for me today!  See you all again soon...  :-)


  1. I love your leather items. Personally, I would simply remove the beads that interfere with the snap closure. Otherwise, its perfect! The earrings are gorgeous and I'm heading to the nearest Tandy asap - lol. Now, I have to explore the rest of your blog. Thanks. Check out my blog at My pics blow but I just recently bought a photo tent and I intend to learn how to use my camera! Better pics to come, I hope.

    Take care.

  2. Amy, I think your leather bracelet and earrings are really nice. I love your woven beads on there! One idea I saw for leather bracelets that lets you get rid of the snap completely is to buy that round somewhat thick elastic cord and stamp a hole at each end of your bracelet and tie the ends with the elastic piece. I have been wanting to try this out but haven't gotten around to it. You could also make headbands this way as well.