Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prim and Proper

Arizona Turquoise

Hessonite Garnet

Melanite Garnet

Rainbow Moonstone

An excerpt from the listing:

I was watching a period piece once from the Victorian era, and just loved the little earrings the ladies wore in their ears. Small almost like a post earring would be, but on a hook. Sitting just below the ear lobe.

I've had in mind to make these for ages, and was recently inspired to make them after receiving a custom order in a similar style. I must admit to being a little lost on a name for them though. I often look in the thesaurus for synonyms to certain words. Today I looked up "victorian". I must say I was a little taken back by the synonyms given for this word. Square, stuffy, goody two shoes, prim and proper. And so on in that vein. I love the Victorian era, and I've ready plenty of books where everyone wasn't acting so prim and proper! I was very surprised that prim and proper were what summed up an intriguing era.....

I seem to be making things in groups of four lately.  It has sort of become a
natural rhythm for me.  I like it. 


  1. These are gorgeous!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love prim & proper! Sometimes it's nice to keep it simple and elegant!