Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Handstamped sterling and Turquoise hearts!

I always manage to have a little something brewing even though I'm supposed to be doing other things.  Like taxes.  Ugh.... And yes, I'm aware I've been using that excuse for everything.  And it is partially true.  The other half of the truth is that I've been dragging my feet on really getting it completed.  I don't want to be a freaking book keeper!  I'm an artist don't you know!!  ;-)

I also have some custom orders I'm working on.  I have a lovely new client that contacted me through My Store.  I don't know how she found me, but she is the very first customer I've had at my own store that I didn't knowingly direct there!

It feels really nice!  I mean, I do love Etsy.  It is a great community.  But Etsy is a business.  Just like I am a business.  I want the time I spend promoting myself online to benefit me.  Not Etsy.  Is that selfish?  Maybe.  But it still feels good to stand on your own.  Slowly but surely my little store on Big Cartel will grow fruit.  I just must remain patient.  

But really the key is to never stop creating right?  I went through the whole, brass and copper phase.  But I am in love with silver.  I plan to keep going until I can't afford to buy any more silver.  And then I'll go until I have no more silver scrap to melt down and turn into something beautiful.  The time and love and soul that I put into my work deserves to be in precious metal.  

And then I'll jump off my high horse and work in copper or brass because really, I just love metal.  And copper and brass are just as long lasting and fabulous if you know how to take care of it!  

I can't wait to finish these babies up!  Perfect for valentines don't you think?   Have a happy Wednesday all....we're half way there!

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  1. Congrats on your first "new" client to the store, that's wonderful news! I agree- the main point really is to create. And we do absolutely have to use what inspires us:)