Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Dreams...

The other day I was at a local rock shop buying beads and cabs, and while perusing the wares, I overheard a conversation that had me giggling a little to myself.

There was this woman asking to see all the Amethyst that the shop had behind the counter.  And asking all kinds of questions.  I just thought, eh, newbie...and kept looking.

Then I heard her asking the salesperson to educate her on Amethyst.  The bead lady just gave her this weird look, while the customer continued to prattle on about the "powers" of Amethyst.

The whole time the bead lady is listening somewhat patiently, and when the customer doesn't seem to be getting the response she's looking for, she finally leans in and says "Did you know that these rocks just aren't pretty to look at?  Did you know that they have....powers?"

At this point I can't help the ear to ear grin spreading across my face, and I just about laughed right out loud when the bead lady says, " I know that there are people who believe they do. "

Now,  a comment like that would have shut me right up, but not this lady.  She kept going on and on.  Turned out she is having trouble sleeping, and her chiropractor recommended that she start sleeping with Amethyst.   Claims that he sleeps with several around him and sleeps really well.  So that sent this lady on the hunt for Amethyst.

And like I said, she kept going on and on.  She further embellished by telling the bead lady that she wasn't into "new age" stuff, that she was a Christian.  But since learning that Amethyst has such powers, she is starting to think that God didn't just give us gems to adorn ourselves with because of their beauty.  Maybe He gave them to us so we could benefit from their power.....


Now, I don't know if wearing these earrings will really give you Sweet Dreams or not, but it sure couldn't hurt.  And you'd look fabulous doing it!

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  1. Love hearing this story! Isn't it funny how we can get such a kick out of eavesdropping? Maybe she's right about the stones having powers, but maybe it's mind over matter.
    Your earrings are gorgeous!

  2. That is WAY too funny....I feel like I couldn't contain my laughter if I was in that store. I love the store keeper's response, because what else can you say to people like that?! Wow. In any case, those new earrings are gorgeous. I love the double chain.

  3. What a cute story...people are so funny, especially when we take the time to stop and listen. Love, love, love these earrings and your banner.

  4. There was a full moon a few days ago...that explains the whole thing! :)
    The earrings are charming...powers and all!

  5. LOL, eavesdropping is da bomb. You get to hear the most amazing stuff.

    LOVE the earrings. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. I love those earrings so much. Puffy-heart love.

  7. Eavesdropping can be quite interesing lol! The earrings are great. Nice banner change too :)