Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Lovin....

I've read a lot of articles on ways to promote your online business, and it is probably the number one reason (ok, the only reason) I started this blog.  Turns out that it is one of those things you're supposed to do that I actually like!

I enjoy putting my thoughts into written word.  I enjoy the interaction I get from my readers in the form of comments.  I enjoy sharing with you.

Along the way I have discovered many wonderful blogs.  I follow probably a hundred blogs, but there are really only a handful that I always read.   So, what makes a blog that I always read you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.

I've read a couple of analysis type articles that said that people follow blogs of people that they can relate to in some way.  People that if they knew them in real life they'd want to be their friend.  And then I've read those articles that say that to attract readers to your blog you have to have a schedule, you should do tutorials, you should interview others linked to your field, you should have a topic for every day of the week, and on an on...

Of course this got me thinking about the blogs I love, and why I love them.  I would have to say that the first analysis is closer to my blogging philosophy.  All my favorite blogs are written by fabulous women with extraordinary talent.  I look forward to seeing what they have to say because they are real and are sharing snippets of their life along with their work.  Almost none of them have tutorials, or interviews, or daily topics.  They are all unique in their own way, and I love them all for different reasons.

I love artists who blog.  It's always the first thing I look for when I discover a new talent.  I've decided to spread some blog lovin and share periodically with you some of my favorite bloggers.  I'll start with a few today:

Lorelei Eurto Jewelry ~   Wicked talented designer.  I love her blog for the amazing jewelry designs,  the way she shares her sources, promotes others work, shares her joys and pains,  and the fact that she is just an all around nice person. 

~Sunny Rising  Unbelievable talent Allison has.  It seems everything she touches is pure gold.  Singer, Leather worker, Metalsmith.  A total triple threat in the most beautiful way possible.  She seems to radiate warmth and it isn't a wonder her nickname is Sunny... I love her blog for pretty much anything she has to say.

~Black Daisy Designs  Anna-Karin makes the prettiest pieces, comes up with amazing designs and is another all around nice person.  I love her blog for the pictures of jewelry, and especially lately her sharing her journey in turning her passion into a business.  She keeps it real and I can totally relate.

~Sandi Carrico  I first discovered Sandi through another blog I follow.  I liked her right away!  We hit it off and I am proud to call her friend.  I love everything about Sandi and her blog.  Her work is exquisite and the finishes she puts on her work!!  Amazing.  Sandi is generous and kind, always promoting and complimenting the work of others.  Love her!

So, I hope you get a chance to check out these amazing women.  Have a great weekend all!!


  1. How darling are you? Thank you so much, sweet lady. I'm off you check the other blogs right now. :)

  2. You have great taste in blogs Amy!

  3. aww thanks for the mention Amy! Love you and your blog too!!

  4. Well Amy I do declare, you've gotten me choked up.
    I love coming to your blog too - you have a beautiful unique voice in silver
    and a lovely way of being honest and real and asking questions that create community: kudos to you :)