Friday, February 17, 2012

Charmed, I'm sure...

~Estrella~Sterling, Citrine, Apatite   

~Marietta~Sterling Silver, Amethyst

~Minette~Sterling Silver

I have added a new section to my Etsy shop:

Of course I have big plans to load the new section with charms galore, and time permitting, I will.  This section is in the infant phase right now.  I plan on adding other chain options for necklaces, and some bracelet options. 

I enjoy making these little works of art, and it is also gives my clientele a more affordable option than some of the pieces I've been making lately. 

I do have to giggle to myself a little when I name these charms.  I read a lot of historical books, mainly about royalty and I love all the high falootin names the ladies had.  So, since sometimes naming my work doesn't come easily to me, I am naming them the first name that pops into my head. 

HeeHee.  Minette was the nick name for the sister of King Charles II of England.  Marietta, I believe was the name of one of Marie Antoinette's sisters, and Estrella?  Well, citrine and apatite together remind me of the stars....

Stay tuned for more history lessons.  One high falootin name at a time ;-) 


  1. Wow...just checked out the section and even just your chains are gorgeous! Man- I've never wanted to buy a plain chain so much before- awesome job:)

  2. They are all so pretty of luck with your newest endeavor.