Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!!

After feeling a bit draggy in the first month or so of the year, I am now feeling like a fire has been lit under my tail!  Finally I am getting things accomplished that should have been done ages ago.

Last night I completed a custom order that I've been working on forever.  Luckily I have the most patient client in the world.  She has been very gentle with me.  I am eternally grateful.  I will share pictures after she approves!

I went a bit over board after a recent comment about how I don't make many rings.

Flamenco rings!  :-)  I was dying to share with you all, but I don't have time to take individual pictures and get them listed right now.  I have given myself a deadline with the taxes.  They must be complete by Monday.  Then I will be totally free to create without guilt!  :-)

Have a Happy Monday, and a fabulous week!!!!   


  1. oh my! that back dark one, looks like labradorite, stunning!

  2. Oooo..... they are gorgeo.... errr... I mean, it's very hard to say from the pics how they look. You better send them off to me for a closer inspection. I'll send them right back. Yep. Sure. Absolutely.

    *cough cough*

  3. Beautiful rings Amy.

  4. All so pretty! Where will they be listed. :-)

  5. They are all wonderful!

    Joanna :)