Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday...

1}  So far so good on the lice situation at my daughter's school.  (I probably just totally jinxed myself)  I claim nothing short of a miracle that she hasn't gotten it...er  them...whatever.

2}  I just read the words "wanna-be artist" and the words shot to my heart in a pang that let's me know I'm still struggling with the term "artist" when describing myself.

3}  It is extra painful to feel the sting of betrayal by a sibling.

4}  I don't really care for Adele's speaking voice.  And the radio stations are starting to wear out her songs now.  But I still love the bass in Rolling in the Deep.  Every time.  No matter how many times they play it.

5}  I have a strong desire to make right now.  Why is that always the way?  I always want to create most when told I can't.   I'm a weak task master though, and don't listen to myself when I say that the taxes must be done...before I know it, I'm in the shop fiddling with something.  Must. Stay.  FOCUSED!

And, I want to share pictures of the latest and greatest...

Made to go with these earrings.  (Not sure why I don't have a picture of both earrings together...)

Sterling Silver and all natural Chrysocolla Druzy and Gem Silica on the reverse side.  Gorgeous stones!


  1. this is an absolutely STUNNING piece!!!!

  2. I really love your work!
    Now go back to those taxes!

  3. Beautiful work! Much nicer than taxes!