Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In love with...

Adele.  I saw this this morning, http://omg.yahoo.com/news/karl-lagerfeld-adele-too-fat-210514633.html
and it got me all fired up.

I've been hearing her music on the radio for some time now, and have always liked it.  Hubby happened to be putting videos on for the girls to watch the other day, and I saw Adele for the first time.  The above video was the one we watched.

I gotta tell you, whereas I used to only like her before, I love her now.  Her face is gorgeous, so full of soul and feeling as she is singing.  You can see her feeling what she is singing.  And that voice?  Magical.....

This is a beautiful video.  But, I do get the sense that she was made to sit in that chair perhaps to minimize the fact that she is full figured.  At certain points it seems she has so much soul coming out of her that she can hardly stay seated.  I wish they would have let her stand and move her body to her music....

Adele has the chops people.  With talent like that, who cares how big her rear end is? 


  1. I agree Adele has a wonderful voice with power and feeling. As I watched it I thought of how she sat there with everything collapsing/exploding around her; almost like she was paralyzed by the betrayal. I didn't think about it being because of her size.

  2. I discovered Adele maybe 6 months ago. I love her voice! So powerful and strong. I had the same feeling about her sitting. maybe whoever produced the video felt sitting would make her look smaller. Will our society ever get past its obsession with the size of women's bodies and what personality characteristics they attach to them?