Monday, April 12, 2010

Wreath vines and lilac moon flowers....

Ruby Wreath Vines on Etsy
I've been loving all the vine inspired jewelry I've been seeing lately, and thought I'd put my own spin on it. Ruby rondelles nestled in flower bead caps and wrapped into a vine wreath. I love, love, love the oxidized silver that I have highlight polished with steel wool to bring out the depth of the wrapped wires. The contrast between the black and light silver is so pretty! And the rubies? Don't get me started. Love them! I've been thinking these would look great as a bangle bracelet as well, but I'm wondering if the flowers might get knocked around too much.

Lilac Moon Flower on Etsy
I have something with the moon lately. I haven't quite figured out what it is yet though. I also have a new thing for rings. Truth be told, I need the practice. I've been having fun making stacking rings. These are a US size 8.25 by themselves, but fit like an 8 when worn together.

The last set of stackers I made was also a size 8. And the set I have on my bench are, you guessed it, a size 8. I don't know why either!!!! It's not even my size! So, after this, I promise to make some rings in another size beside 8. :)

Things are getting busy. Several custom orders, my husbands business is getting busy, that means I get busy whether I want to or not! The girls seem to be having birthday parties to go to out the wazoo. I'm just glad I was able to bribe them, I mean, talk them out of a birthday party for their own birthdays this year. I just don't know when I would have found the time.

My oldest daughter, who just turned 8, has been sick since friday late afternoon. Just in time to put a damper on the weekend. She is complaining of a head ache, and is running a fever. My youngest, who just turned 5, and is old enough to know better is on punishment for sticking squishies in her mouth. For those of you who aren't privy to the squishy phenomenon, they are these little colorful animal type creatures that the kids get out of bubble gum machines, and they trade them. They are about 3/4" big, and are well, squishy. She did it not once, but twice, two days in a row, and it scares me to death that she's going to choke. Why is it that when you decide you want cute cuddly babies, no one tells you that one day you are going to be driven to the edge of insanity with them? And that it will happen a lot? :)

Well, back to work with me. I am finishing up a special request that I think I am going to offer for Mother's day in the shop. I'll post pics tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful new pieces - love them both. Hope your little ones feels better soon.