Monday, April 26, 2010

Emerging from my chrysalis....

Wow, it has been well over a week since my last blog post. I feel like I have spent the last 10 days renewing and refreshing my mind, body and spirit. There hasn't been anything major going on, just a small accumulation of things that got me down. The worst of it helping my oldest deal with a bully at school. It really isn't anything new, she has been dealing with this mean girl all year long. Things just came to a head last week, and it really hit me hard. It is amazing how protective a mother can be of her children. I felt like a raging momma bear. A friend of mine told me that we are meant to feel this way. God gives us this inherent urges to protect our children any way we can. And I think she's right......

Isabella is my mini me. We are so much alike. Between the two of us, we'd both rather walk a mile over hot coals than face conflict. This last incident with the mean girl sent us both over the edge, and it was time to jump head long into conflict. I'm sure this isn't the end of it, but I do feel better. I MUST protect my daughter, whatever the cost.

Everything else last week felt like a struggle. For the first time filling orders felt like a chore rather than something I wanted to do. I had to re make one pair of earrings 3 times. And this a design I have made at least 4-5 times before. Nothing felt right, nothing was working. So other than filling orders I didn't make anything last week.

I must say though that it hasn't stopped me from buying stones like a mad woman. :) I am looking forward to finding some treats in my mailbox this week! Can you say Druzy, druzy, druzy? When I have my little collection together I'll share a picture with you.

The other positive thing that has come along is the great design ideas I have been filling my sketch book with. Sometimes the design ideas are few and far between for me, so I will ride this creative wave as long as it lasts.

So, I have emerged from my self imposed chrysalis, but my wings are still wet and tender. Today begins with the glow of the warming sun. I can feel my wings beginning to dry already. I'm hoping to be flying soon.....


  1. Bummer about the bully - that is such a scary thing going on in schools right now...hope it all works out. Spread those wings and SOAR - you know you can do it!

  2. Amy, I am right there with you when it comes to protecting our children. I will do ANYthing I have to, to take care of my most treasured possession and I mean ANYthing!! I hope that it's over and done with soon for both of you! And hey, I have hardly done anything in the smithing department either, I've no one to babysit, so it's kinda hard to get the time when I want it. Can't wait to see your latest collection of stones! :)