Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I love hand crafted findings..

When I first began designing and making jewelry, I used commercial findings. You know the ones. The sterling ear hooks with the little coil on them, the headpins that look like nails. I first started noticing hand made finding on jewelry when I started out on E-bay. A light bulb went off in my head, and I was off like a rocket!

I started with ear wires, and moved on to head pins and clasps. And the funny thing is, I really enjoy making findings. I have always loved creative activities that were repetitive and didn't require huge amounts of concentration. I love keeping my hands busy and letting my mind wander where it will. Most often it wanders to ideas for jewelry design, and I always have my sketch journal handy.

Maybe it's my love for wire more so than my love of findings. I don't know. There is something that appeals to me in the bending of the wire, coaxing it gently into a beautiful shape. I love the curves of a good ear wire! Maybe it's the appeal of taming an object that could very easily turn on you and refuse to cooperate. The slightest kink or twist or turn in the wire, and you're toast. Time to start over.

Maybe it's when I get to wield my hammer. With the utmost precision I whack that wire in just the right spot to strengthen where it is most needed, and to further enhance the beauty of the curves. Maybe it's the challenge of hitting it just right, a gentle flattening of the wire without marring the wire.

Oh, and don't get me started on the sheer joy of watching silver ball up on itself. Watching the way it jumps on to itself, timing it just right to get consistent sized balls. Ahhh.......

Ok, it might just be me. :) I just think hand crafted findings add a beauty to jewelry that commercial findings can't do.

Well, now that my ode to findings is through, it is back to the work bench with me. I am working on a birthday present for my Dad. Since he isn't the jewelry type, I'm making him a big honking keychain. I'll be sure to post pictures! I HAVE to have it done today. Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. This is really interesting! I've wondered more than once how you did this without being bored to fricking tears, thanks for sharing what goes on in your mind!

  2. When I first started making jewelry I made a bunch of earring wires only to find out afterwards I had made the wires out of my wire solder! YES! I still use those wires for soldering! I'll never again wonder why my wire has blue ink on it!

    (okay, you can laugh at me now)