Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anyone want to venture a guess on my latest stone obsession? ;)

Two pairs of earrings featuring sleeping beauty turquoise, and Rising Dawn necklace with carnelian. Two stone obsessions all in one place! The colors really complement each other. I think I'll have to make a project using the two together.

The Rising Dawn necklace listed, but I'm not crazy about the pics I have of the earrings, and I have some momentum going in the shop right now. So, I'll probably retake the photos on a day it isn't stormy outside and then get them listed.

I just started working with pumice powder. I'd read about how it is good for finishing, and doesn't leave a super shiny surface. I love it! Other than the fact that it flings all over the place (worse than other polishing compounds) it is awesome. It eats through that oxidation quicker than quick. I love it. So, that is my tip for the day. Pumice powder, mix with a little water, load up the polishing wheel, and go to town. Reload often.

Back to work with me! Have a fab day everyone! :)

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  1. I love those stones, too! I have a ring set with those same stones! They do look awesome together!