Friday, April 30, 2010

Now both of my daughter's are painting!

This one is by Isabella. She just turned 8 at the end of March. She's been working on this painting for 3 sessions with her art teacher. It is a gift for my Dad. The original plan was to put a herd of deer in there as well, but an 8 year olds attention span is only so long. So this is what we have, and I think it is gorgeous.

My dad will love it. He is a hunter and hiker, and generally happiest in nature. This scene is so beautiful, and so reminiscent of the country that I grew up in, and where my dad still lives that I know he's going to love it! The most amazing thing, and the thing that touches me the most is that she did this all on her own. She has no idea what the scenery looks like where we grew up, and yet she nailed it perfectly.

Her teacher says that all artists are born with a gift, and she really believes Isabella's is her use of color. Seeing this painting, I couldn't agree more. It is a little stylized, but still works. The first few times her teacher told me that, I was a little surprised. I mean, we're talking about a girl whose clothes don't match if left to her own devices. And her gift is color? I was a little concerned....... :) I guess her "gift" just applies in her art and not every day life!

This is the painting Adriana did at school. The Scream after Edvard Munch. Adri just turned 5. She came home from school one day and told me she was painting The Scream. I was like, ok..... like you couldn't have picked something a little, I don't know, happier? Like the rose or the flamingo like the other girls did? :) She is very proud of herself, and I think she did pretty good for a 5 year old.

Isabella has known she wants to be an artist for several years now, Adri isn't as sure of what she wants to do. She spends a lot of time drawing, and she's pretty good. So I think I may start her in art lessons in the fall. She also wants to be a swimmer, and a gymnast.

And, this is what I did yesterday:

Can you see the jewelry in there? I've told you before how much I like the contrast between the dark and light silver. Well, I usually use something called liver of sulfur to oxidize my metal, but I ran out. So, I thought I would try this other method I have read about.

Hard boiled eggs will oxidize sterling silver! It does work, but the results are spotty, takes forever, and is a big mess. I had this jewelry in with the eggs for 5 hours and it still wasn't black yet. I had to make an emergency run to the store to get some liver of sulfur, then spent some time getting the egg out of the crevices of my jewelry. Not fun......

Back to the bench with me. In typical fashion I have waited until the last minute to finish up a birthday present for a friend of mine. All the girls are getting together tonight for drinks and dinner to celebrate. I can't wait!!! I could use a good strawberry margarita! :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. I haven't ever tried the egg oxidizing way, looks like a pain in the u no what....Your daughters are great little artists!

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!
    Adriana & Isabella you are both wonderfully talented artists. Please don't ever stop creating. I'm so very much looking forward to seeing what you are bringing to life as wonderfully talented grown up famous women artists :)

    .... and for your Mama, I used the egg method for a long time. Easiest and least messy way is a tuppermaid container taped around the edges and placed under your pillow :) Lay the stuff to be oxidized gently on top and ta-da... mess free!