Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Lambs.......

My youngest daughter has been going to the preschool at our church for the past 3 years. The program is called The Little Lambs. We have been absolutely thrilled with the program, and the academic and social progress she has made there. The school is small, only 40 students divided amongst 8 teachers.

At the end of each year, all the parents contribute to teacher gifts, and this year I have the honor of being the one to make them. I have made a Little Lamb pin, of solid and thick sterling silver sheet. The little brass heart is a representation of all the love the students receive from these amazing ladies, and of the love the kids give the teachers in return.

Wow, I'm starting to get a little emotional here. It is bittersweet for us, since this will be our last year. I feel that my daughter is very well prepared for kindergarten, and I just can't say enough about the appreciation I feel for her having been able to be a part of this extraordinary program.

The back features a hand made spring clasp, and a button with the year 2010 on it. Every time the teachers pin these pins on their lapel, I hope that they will think back to this school year of 2009-2010 and remember all the wonderful children who they have taught and loved.


  1. That is the cutest thing! How wonderful you can bless the teachers that way.

  2. Aww that pin is SO cute!!! Great Work!! :)

  3. How cute is this; I am sure they will love them...great job.

  4. I LOVE THIS. LOVE it. I did a series of sheep drawings (terrible, they were!) back in college and this reminds me of those days. Thanks for the smile. :) And your crafstmanship is just lovely.

  5. aww this is super cute! so glad you and your daughter have such a great experience with teachers. i am sure they will love these pins!

  6. This is the cutest thing ever!!!!! I know the teachers will simply love this.