Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunflower Earrings

I finished these last night. I think the last photo depicts best how these look in person. Don't they look just like little sunflowers? I love them. And, also my favorite dangly length! (2 1/4" from the top of the ear wire). I oxidized them and gave them a brushed finish.

I do need to give credit to where credit is due though. The use of findings in metalsmithing is all over Etsy right now. I don't know for certain who was the first to use them, but I do know the first person I saw use them. It was an amazing artist known to the jewelry world as RosyRevolver. You must check out her shop and her work. Unbelievably amazing. She is my jewelry hero!

I'll be listing Sunflowers in the shop this evening!


  1. I want them! Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers! SOLD!

  2. Your blog is just a vision of lovliness today.


  3. Sweet earrings Amy! Rosy does fabulous work and a great use of findings too! Where do you guys get those findings from? I thought that ya'll made them yourselves!

  4. Rosy does amazing work for sure. And yes there are many designers that use that finding on Etsy now. It's spread like wildfire.

    Pretty earrings.
    They remind me of my Garden Diva ring

  5. Hi, i found your blog via Alicia Istanbul's blog~Love your work ~the proportions are so Right- some artisits (me included) have a hard time keeps the proportions all together to make the piece "fit". I love the use of findings especially the swirly filigree- would love to find the little leaf shapes you use- any hints you would be willing to share?
    Thanks in advance and keep posting
    ps- love your little girl's paintings- what talent for someone so young!