Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some of Isabella's art work

This was the first painting she did in September. She had spent the two years previous in classes with an artist whose preferred medium was water color. She stopped doing classes and we had to find a new art teacher. We luckily got an excellent tip about an artist in the neighborhood who did private lessons from her home. Isabella started working with her one on one in September.

Isabella loves owls. It's funny, because there have been owl everything all over Etsy, and people were starting to make fun of them in the forums. But Isa LOVES owls. She has an owl back pack, owl pictures, stuffed owls, owl shirts, she draws owls, and as you can see... she paints owls.

This for me is her masterpiece. I think it is her best piece to date. I absolutely adore this one.

This one she finished last night. It is a piece after Vincent Van Gogh, but I haven't looked up which one it is yet. I'll go on a search for it here in a minute and then update this post. She also informed me last night that Van Gogh was her favorite artist. And then she said , "Wait. He's the one that did Starry Night right?" When I told her that was right, she reaffirmed that he was her favorite.

Then we talked a little about how poor Van Gogh struggled with mental illness, wasn't famous during his lifetime, cut off his own ear and tried to kill himself. (Brutal) Her only comment was that he made really great paintings anyway, and surely that must have made his family famous.

I think it's cool that she loves Starry Night. It is the very painting that spoke to me in my youth, in fact it is one of the only cheesy prints of a famous painting I ever bought and framed. That and the painting of the irises. But that's another story............


  1. Holy cow, those are AMAZING paintings. I'm still pulling my jaw off the floor. I love the last two especially, with that sort of Van Gogh thing going on.

    Very talented little lady. :)

    Beautiful blog, too!

  2. Hey Amy,

    great stuff. I love impressionists too and if Van Gogh is her fav than you should push her towards Gauguin (really more of a post-impressionist) and my absolutely beloved Toulouse-Lautrec.

    Hope you both will enjoy the journey through art :)

  3. The last one is a beauty! What a fantastic little artist you have there! Imagine how awesome she will be in 5 years time! WOW!