Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My daughter the artist...

This is my oldest daughter. She won first place in her school's Reflections contest for visual arts in her age category. Reflections is a competition in different art forms. Visual Arts, musical composition, literary, movie production, ( I think that's all the categories).

She did a picture of a gorgeous parrot in oil pastels. I'm so proud of her. It is the 3rd competition she has placed in, and she's only 7! I really hope to encourage her to continue. She's been saying she wants to be an artist since she was in pre-school. I wish I knew what I had wanted to be from an early age.

She takes private lessons every week from a wonderful artist and person that lives very close to us. My daughter loves the one on one instruction and the work she comes out of there with is very impressive.

I really need to take the time to take some pictures of her other pieces to show you.

Here she is with her trophy. It was her first trophy, and she is so proud. And so am I. Can you tell? :)


  1. We looked at it yesterday, it's beautiful! Very impressive. I could never draw or paint anything that nice!
    I love that she is so committed. Again, very impressive!

  2. She's cute. congrats on her win!