Friday, February 26, 2010

2nd team challenge....

Spring Is Sprung

Spring is sprung,
De grass is riz,
I wonder where dem birdies is?

De little birds is on de wing,
Ain’t dat absurd?
De little wing is on de bird!

This is a nursery rhyme. At least that's what it said when I looked it up online. It's not a nursery rhyme I've ever heard of. I don't really get it to be honest. Is it like a Cajun nursery rhyme or something? With all the de's and the dat and the dem? Or is that a New York accent? I don't know!

Huh? I keep saying it over and over trying to make it click. Trying to get the words to form a picture in my head. It just isn't happening.

Why agonize over a silly nursery rhyme you ask? Well, I have recently joined a new team on Etsy, called Aspiring Metalsmiths. It's really cool to compare notes with other beginners. Of course there are plenty of seasoned metalsmiths too, and their advice is priceless!

Our first challenge was to make a ring. Any ring. Easy enough. The 2nd challenge, make something using this nursery rhyme as your inspiration. Just metalsmith something. I have until the 19th of March to come up with something.

Ok so the last paragraph is what's really getting me. I'm assuming it is a play on words. "De little birds is on de wing" Like, the birds are flying right? And it's absurd because de wing is on de bird? Using "wing" as well, a wing. I guess maybe I do get it and just don't find it amusing. I don't know.....

So, I'll be thinking about de wing of de bird, on de wing, and how absurd it all is.

PS.. I just found this version of the rhyme. Too funny!

Spring has sprung;
The grass has ris.
I wonder where
The birdie is?
There he is
In the sky.
He dropped some
Whitewash in my eye!

I am no sissy;
I won't cry.
I'm just glad
The cows can't fly!


  1. Well, good luck with this wing thing. I can't wait too see what you come up with.

  2. My parents have always quoted the first part of that rhyme to me since I was a little girl. (In the normal English version without the 'de' stuff) So I have always said it too....dunno why....